Admission Process

1.Understanding the educational concept and IB curriculum of BIBS, and provide the basic information of your child/children.

2.For students applying to grade 3 through 5, transcript and report result from the previous school are requested.

3.For students applying to G6 through 10, at least 3 years’ academic transcripts from the previous school are requested.

4.After all application materials are reviewed by the Admission Department.An interview will be required for students.

5.After the applicant has completed his/her English interview, an additional Chinese interview will be required to assess his/her Chinese Language proficiency.

6.The BIBS Admissions Office will send an acceptance letter to parents/guardians after the applicant has passed the interview process. 

7.Finish payment and other admission procedure.

First page of the PDF file: Grade-AgeGuide2020-2021_1